A snow-shovelling mech and its prisoner operator argue about how much work is left to be done on a Martian highway.

Sci-fi interactive fiction written in Ink for MechJam 2021

Crude pixel art done in Asprite.

Authormalachy o
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withAseprite
TagsMechs, Narrative, Sci-fi, Short, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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The Left Hand of Darkness Gives The Finger? :)


imagine the anime adaptation..


we're here to shovel snow :)


how can i say no to a premise like this...


AND you get to smoke right from the offset. Not even pressed anything yet and im into this already.


Great game :) bless dat mech


thank you, it is v important that mech pilots smoke it is a cornerstone of all mecha warfare i am happy u liked it